Custom Development

Examples of projects

Custom Online Study/Survey

  • Designed to collect demographic and statistical information for use in doctorate studies
  • Supports two types of members (Control Group, Treatment Group)
  • Each member type has 1 or more questionnaire's they can answer
  • The order of the questionnaire's can be enforced
  • The questionnaire's that each member type has access to is custom

Existing Inventory Integration

  • Utilized existing technology and integrated it with 905 CMS
  • New custom frontend modules created to display the inventory listings
  • Uses existing backend module

Subscription Management

  • Supports unlimited companies
  • Supports unlimited subscribers per company
  • Import and Export of subscribers w/ advanced record validation and error reporting
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options

Discount Coupons

  • Supports unlimited categories, businesses and coupons
  • Complex control of coupons (how many uses are allowed, how many times it has been printed, etc)

e-Commerce Integration

  • Paypal Express (Braintree)
  • Purolator
  • Moneris
  • Converge (VirtualCart/InternetSecure)
  • Beanstream

Custom Registrations

  • Supports 100% custom registration systems (conferences, events, memberships, etc)
  • Supports an unlimited number of types of registrations
  • Supports an unlimited number of forms with any validation requirements
  • Supports online payment options
  • All information stored within the system and a copy sent to registrar e-mail

Real Estate Brokerage

  • Supports unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited categories for properties
  • Agents can submit property listings complete with pictures for approval
  • Broker can review, edit and approve listings
  • Customizable property views w/ advanced galleries and virtual tours
  • CREA DDF Integration for automatic syncing of data feeds for listing information

Ticket Tracking

  • Supports fast batch generation, assignment, and tracking of large groups of tickets
  • Used to track dispensing of numbered tickets for raffles to authorized dealers
  • Supports multiple custom reports to aide in the tracking and billing of tickets used

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